Repairing Teeth with Dental Crowns in Palatine, IL

Repairing Teeth with Dental Crowns in Palatine, ILIf you’ve experienced broken or fractured teeth, reach out to Total Implants right away. We treat patients with durable dental crowns in Palatine, IL. There are any number of ways teeth become damaged. Whether through an impact to the face or untreated tooth decay, damaged teeth are not only painful, they are prone to infection. With our dental bridges and crowns, though, patients restore the comfort and function of their teeth as well as the appearance of their smiles. Call us for a consultation today if you need to repair your teeth. Our dental practice is the premier source for dental implants, crowns, bridges, and more.

Protecting Your Oral Health

Fixing a damaged tooth with a crown and filling in the spaces left by a missing tooth with a bridge both have definite cosmetic advantages. However, the benefits exceed improved looks. Just as crowns promote oral health by preventing infection, bridges prevent teeth from drifting out of place, support facial shape, and restore proper chewing and speaking abilities. Let us examine your teeth and recommend the best approach to enhance the health and appearance of your smile.

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