Experienced Dentists for Root Canals in Palatine, IL

Experienced Dentists for Root Canals in Palatine, ILTotal Implants performs gentle root canals in Palatine, IL, to protect patients’ oral health. When tooth decay leads to infected pulp inside the tooth, it’s important to treat the problem before it spreads. A routine root canal clears away the infected tissue. Soon, patients regain the comfortable use of their mouths. A common emergency dental procedure, root canal therapy is a highly effective way to prevent tooth loss and stop the spread of infection to the bone and bloodstream. If you are experiencing symptoms of infection, such as toothache, call us right away for an examination.

Avoiding Tooth Extraction

Before the development of the root canal procedure, the most common way to deal with a decayed tooth was to extract it. While extraction is still necessary in some cases, our root canal dentists help patients maintain their natural teeth. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp from inside the tooth with specialized instruments. The dentist then fills and seals the affected tooth. A temporary crown is placed on the tooth while the materials set, after which the fitting of a permanent crown completes the root canal treatment.

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